We are a group of friends who love the world that George RR Martin has created within A Song of Ice and Fire.  Some of us have read all of the books in the series, some of us have read some of the books and some of us have read none of the books yet.  We have all seen all of the television series, Game of Thrones, based on the book series.  This unique combination of experience with the book series is part of what makes our book club so much fun.  You, Constant Listener, get insights and perspectives from readers no matter your own personal experience with the books – there is a podcast host here on the show at the same stage of reading these novels as you, no matter where you are in the series.

Why name it The Ironwood Network?
Simple, Maester Ironwood has a very strong suspicion that Ironwood trees, with their black bark / wood, are going to play a very important part in the story / world that the story is set in, much like the Weirwood trees with their white bark / wood.  Eventually we will know if he is right or not (at this point who the hell knows, except GRRM, that is).

Meet The Ironwood Team:

  • Maester Ironwood
  • Lady Wyvern
  • Widow Wolfsbane