022 – A Game of Thrones Chapter 20 – Eddard 04

Welcome to the Ironwood Network Book Club with your hosts Maester Ironwood, Lady Wyvern and Widow Wolfsbane.  Every week we are going to walk you through George RR Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire books chapter by chapter.

This week we are breaking down chapter 20 of a Game of Thrones: Eddard 04 – Ned arrives at King’s Landing and just wants to rub one out in the bathtub (we assume)…Robert is probably taking so long because he getting a “Distant Relative” from the Queen or a whore in the carriage house…and enough sexual inuendos fly around to make a frat boy blush…

we will discuss themes, symbolism, character breakdowns, the plot, and more – just like you were in a book club with us.

Important Note – We swear and we will spoil the hell of the books and the TV show; Game of Thrones.  If you’re OK with that, join us every week as we dive deeper than ever into GRRM’s world of ice and fire.

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