Show Title: #HappyAsAGoat

Haiku of Ice & Fire:

One lies two lies three
The lies are stacking up
Tyrion plays well

Show Notes:

Welcome to the Ironwood Network Book Club with your hosts Maester Ironwood, Lady Wyvern and Widow Wolfsbane.  Every week we are going to walk you through George RR Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire books chapter by chapter.

This week we are breaking down chapter 17 of a Clash of Kings: Tyrion 04 – Tyrion lies…and lies…and lies…oh, and there is a Ser Bronn of the Badass sighting!!!

Important Note – We swear and we will spoil the hell of the books and the TV show; Game of Thrones.  If you’re OK with that, join us every week as we dive deeper than ever into GRRM’s world of ice and fire.

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